Oscar Amaya, owner of El Rancho Migueleno

Oscar Amaya is an active entrepreneur native of El Salvador 
Mr. Oscar Amaya has been a contributing member and advocate of various philanthropic projects and community-based organizations that seek to unify, solidify and strengthen the Salvadorian American communities found in the greater Washington DC, MD, and VA metropolitan areas.

Originally, Mr. Oscar Amaya hails from the Caserio el Tular, Canton Las Delicias, San Miguel, El Salvador in which he is the oldest male of 3 sisters and one brother.

Through his perseverance and sustained confidence and determination, he left El Salvador to immigrate to the United States to fulfill the American dream at the young age of twenty years old.

Even at an impressionable age such as twenty years old, Mr. Amaya had in his sights to become one of the leading and notable restaurateur. His goal was established in 2000 when Mr. Amaya opened his very first restaurant, El Rancho Migueleno in Arlington, VA . 
Oscar Amaya is Board Member of CSE

Mr. Amaya’s vision of solidarity and community involvement is personified in his active involvement with such reputable organizations like the Salvadorian American Chamber of Commerce of DC, Festival Guanaco and as a current adviser on the board of directors for the Caucus Salvadoreño Empresarial, Inc. 

Mr. Amaya was the first President of The Chamber of Commerce Salvadoran-American of Greater Washington, DC (SACOC), founded in 2001 as a nonprofit business organization.

The office opened in Alexandria, Virginia during the first year of the mandate of Mr. Amaya. The office provided important services such as financial consulting, legal services, business and general government information, and technical assistance. During that first year, board members used their extensive experience to provide valuable services to new entrepreneurs. This initiative not only brought unity of purpose to the organization, but also secured wide recognition throughout the community in a short period.


  • President and Founder of the Salvadoran-American Chambers of Commerce
  • Member of Monsenor Romero Emergency Fund for Earthquake Relief to El Salvador
  • Founder of Entrepreneurs Salvadoran Caucus
  • Founder of Sister Cities of Arlington and San Miguel 


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